streets of nyc

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It is my favorite city in the country. For it’s rich history, incredible architecture, depth of culture and art. I posted on Facebook last week that sometimes its sheer magnitude and beauty stops me in my tracks and makes me cry. For five days last week, I did something I really had not done in a long time…leisurely wander around with my camera. It was fantastic. The weather could have cooperated a bit more, but you take what you can get. Every time I’m in the city I try to check something off my ‘do in NYC’ list. This trip I ticked off several firsts: Brooklyn Flea, NYC Public Library main branch, run Central Park, visit Liberty and Ellis Islands {hard to believe I’ve never done this in all my trips, I know}, and walk the Brooklyn Bridge. In the coming days I’ll post my favorites pictures from this visit. I love walking the streets of NYC, and while I’m often drawn to it’s classic architecture and detail, this time it was the modern buildings that kept speaking to me. Hope you enjoy these photographs taken from Midtown.

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