brooklyn flea

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After three years of trying to find time on busy NYC weekend visits, finally made it to the Brooklyn Flea. It was a spectacular Sunday afternoon in Williamsburg with my high school friend Theres with the sun shining, the waves lapping the shoreline and the skyline of Manhattan glistening. All of the local artisan food smelled fabulous but my only indulgence that day was some great hand crafted soda from Brooklyn Soda Works and a blueberry apricot popsicle from People’s Pops, who makes pops and shave ice using available fresh, local fruit. Yum! Both were the perfect things for a warm spring day. There are so many great things to see, buy and eat at the Flea. Antiques, jewelry, furniture, clothing, art. My favorite purchases of the day were from Brooklyn-based ceramic artist Susannah Tisue: two mugs, one with a hand-painted fawn and the other, a graceful baby bird. They took my breath away. You really must check her work out! Thanks, Brooklyn, for a fab afternoon!

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