the year’s top posts

This morning, went to look at my WordPress year end stats.  The five most popular posts – views in the hundreds – cracked me up. Mostly because three have to do with running, which as most of you know by now, I have strong dislike {trying not to use the word hate} for and only do to keep from getting tubby. Here are the posts you read the most and below those are my five personal favorites. Happy New Year!
your top five favorites
must see t.v.: tonight on the x factor
You loved reading about my friend Tiger’s journey on the premier season of The X Factor.
Excited for all the great new things this opportunity has given him. And in case you missed his amazing
final performance of Don’t Give Up on Me, here it is! It will move you.

don’t knock the skort
Really people…the skort post is number two?! Eeks.

the shoes saving my legs
 I think this post jinxed me because a week later nearly broke my foot walking up the stairs.
Yes, you read that right. After a long recovery period I’m back running again although my foot
will never be fully healed. Still running in and loving these shoes. On my third pair!

a running confession
More running but the best thing about this post was the best part of racing for me…
doing them with my friends, and now, my cousins.

happy anniversary, farb – xoxo, stuntwoman
The story of how I tumbled, literally, into Mike’s life. Sadly, I am still this uncoordinated.
Don’t believe me? See #3 above.


my top five favorites

remembering my grandpa

forty for 40 {thankful for lessons learned}

{2011} a year of incredible memories

meatless . #23  {lemon spaghetti}

meatless . #15 {veggie burgers}

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